The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses To Stop in Philadelphia

17 March 2018 Update: Hello, Googlers! I don’t know why this post seems to be trending on Google lately, but please be aware it is from 2012. Whatever information you’re looking for that led you here may no longer apply. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: While I am friends with the producer of the tour, Jeron Moore, this post is being made entirely on my own will. He doesn’t even know this post is going up.

In case you haven’t heard, and judging from Twitter’s reaction last night chances are you haven’t, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses will be making a stop at the Mann Center in Philadelphia this Summer. While it is not currently listed on the tour’s own website, tickets for the show are already on sale. In fact, they went on sale to the general public two weeks ago this Friday.

The Hero of Time will arrive in Philly on Wednesday, July 25th and is currently scheduled as the third performance in the Mann Center’s subscription year. Tickets prices are $95.00, $79.50, $59.50, $35.00, or $19.50 before taxes with $95 for the orchestra pit and $19.50 the lawn. Doors to the center will open at 6.30p, seating beginning at about 8.00p, and the show starting at about 8.30p

So why isn’t it listed on the tour website? I can’t answer that, but my best guess is there may be a special agreement with the Mann Center and the Philadelphia Orchestra to not advertise it until a certain date. While tickets for Mann Center subscribers went on sale a week before the public’s, I have a feeling they may want to keep things quiet until subscribers have had a chance to get tickets. Nonetheless, Ticket Philadelphia was slammed when the show went on sale. Speaking of Ticket Philadelphia, if you are interested in going to the show, do not use Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is very highly frowned upon in Philadelphia and gets second priority for seating. In fact, you cannot get Pit seats for the concert from Ticketmaster (at least not at time of writing). If you want the best seat, you’ll want Ticket Philadelphia. However, there is one downside: Ticket Philadelphia will not accept any discount codes for the tour, such as HOOKSHOT. In addition, like Ticketmaster, you will be charged an additional fee for ordering online or via the phone. The only way to beat the fee is to actually get your tickets from the Mann Center box office. If you want a reduced fee, spend the half an hour on hold on the phone. Ordering online will charge you the highest fee.

So, if July 25th is open on your calendar, head on over to The Mann Center to get your tickets.

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