Celebrating Three Years

Three years ago today, I had the crazy idea to start this blog. It feels like longer, given that this is now my fourth year at Drexel. It’s not my final year at Drexel though, as I’m on our five year program, but it is beginning to feel like things are wrapping up.

And that’s kind of a scary thought. Soon it’ll be off to the “real world” of job hunting and paying off student debt, both equally “fun” things to do. I know a couple of my mates back in Australia would love to see me come back, but unless I get a heck of an offer, I have a feeling my first job may be a bit more local.

As for the future of this blog, I promised an update to Hopper Books and Media, and I swear I’ll do that before the end of the year (probably). I’ve also started on another project, The France Hopper Library. I’m working on building a proper catalogue for my manga-filled bookshelf that I’m planning to open up to all of Drexel. There is a fair bit of risk involved with that given that I have more than a handful of out-of-print items and I definitely don’t know all ~35,000 students at Drexel. But we’ll see. There’s no guarantee it’ll even see any users.

It’s funny to think I launched this blog at a Starbucks three years ago as I no longer drink Starbucks that often. I’ve converted to Rival Bros now, who celebrated the grand opening of their café today. It’s a cozy little spot in Filter Square that you should pop in to if you’re in the neighbourhood (it’s at 2400 Lombard).

In other network news, I’ve made the hppr.co domain a bit more useful now. In addition to serving up shortlinks for me, it’s now a part of the FreeDNS network as well. It’s listed as Private, but feel free to submit a request to use it. Given that DynDNS just killed off their free service, I’m glad I started setting that up when I did.

I also realize that fhnwrk.com is a weird domain name. hppr.co will get you here as well now and I’m thinking of scopping up another domain name soon too that should be easier to remember (not that this blog gets much traffic anyway :P)

In anime news, if you haven’t watched Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions, go do so. It’s a hilarious series available on Crunchyroll. It’s kinda like one giant, hilarious gif. Since I missed NYCC last year on account of being in Australia, I’m planning on switching things up and heading down to Baltimore for Otakon (AX is on the wrong side of the US for me :P).

I think that’s about it for now. National Train Day is tomorrow, and this year I have a heightened interest in it thanks to my adventures in public transport back in Melbourne. Also tomorrow, we’re having another Genius Bar at TechServ that’ll be on campus at Drexel for the first time since 2012. If you’re having computer troubles (or printer, etc), stop by. It’s free and open to everyone. Summer term at Drexel will be interesting since it’s by far the worst classes offering I’ve ever seen. The good ‘ol Shaft strikes again.

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