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I own a handful of domains, like this one, and like most [good] hosts offer these days, I have unlimited subdomains for them. For some time now, hppr.co has been my own short URL, which I built out some static subdomains for to link to things I use a lot and either cannot remember the full URL for, or I felt the full URL was just way too long.

These are some of my custom subdomains that might be of use to you, but as they are all just redirects, they may stop working at any time without prior warning.

hppr.co Subdomains

kino.hppr.co – Goes to Kinokuniya USA BookWeb (https://united-states.kinokuniya.com/)

Tip: URL forwarding is on, which means if you’re looking for a specific book and know the ISBN number, you can type kino.hppr.co/bw/<isbn number> to go directly to that book.

kumoricord.hppr.co – Goes to the Kumoricon public Discord server. You should totally join us!

pdx.hppr.co – Goes to PDX Reporter (https://pdxreporter.org/#Login). If you live in Portland (The Oregon one. Sorry, Maine.) and ever wondered how to report potholes, graffiti, burnt out lights, etc. this is how. Requires a [free] City of Portland web account.

snow.hppr.co – Goes to the City of Portland’s Winter Weather Center (snow route map with vehicle locations – https://pdx.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=935da87d18d148d784d164adcb7218df)

Portland Streetcar Timetables

Let’s face it, Umo (formerly NextBus) sucks. If you’ve also given up on its predictions like I have, you can use these to pull up the timetables instead.

Note: The timetables show timing points only. Trains should depart the listed stations at the times listed. If your station is not listed, look for the closest timing point before your station, and add about two minutes for every station between the timing point and yours. Or you can use TriMet’s trip planner. Use the Schedules button to find out when a train is actually supposed to be at a stop.

nsn.hppr.co – NS North

nss.hppr.co – NS South

al.hppr.co – A-Loop (that’s AL.hppr.co)

bl.hppr.co – B-Loop (that’s BL.hppr.co)

Portland Streetcar & TriMet Radio

I do not run either of the websites these redirect to. Both are scanners configured to record radio calls by others in the Portland area. They are not official resources and are NOT real-time (radio calls have to record first). Your primary resource should always be the official Streetcar and TriMet service alerts, but these can be useful if you know what to listen for.

stcar2.hppr.co – Actually the entire Portland P25 system (including all of TriMet), but pre-filtered to the Portland Streetcar talkgroups. (https://openmhz.com/system/portland?filter-type=talkgroup&filter-code=2401,2403,2405)

Note: stcar.hppr.co also goes to the same link now. It previously provided a different system that was less reliable and has since been retired.

tmr.hppr.co – Rose City Transit’s incredibly useful TriMet scanner. Note: page formatting is not responsive design and is finicky on mobile devices. Does not support SSL. (http://www.rosecitytransit.org/radio/)

francehopper.com Subdomains

anifilm.francehopper.com – Goes to the Fathom Events listings for upcoming anime (https://www.fathomevents.com/categories/anime)

blog.francehopper.com – Goes here! Well, the homepage anyway. Not this specific page.

books.francehopper.com – Goes to my recommended reads at Powell’s Books.

manga.francehopper.com – Goes to used manga at Powell’s sorted by most recent arrivals with a 200 items limit per page.

projects.francehopper.com – Goes to the Projects page on here.

resume.francehopper.com – Goes to the Resume page on here.