Is That a New Coat of Paint?

Why yes, it is. For those that have always been curious, the blog runs on the Customizr theme. It's pretty awesome, and it recently updated with a new "Modern" design option. 

Most of the changes that new option bring are pretty minor. Some changes include fonts tweaks, the header is a sleek black now, the layout is even more responsive, buttons are flat, the slider is a bit sexier… and there's a search button. Yay.

No really, there's a search button. Finally. Since 2015 (the last site overhaul!), you couldn't search the site without turning to Google, causing an intentional 404 page (no more fun quotes now, unfortunately), or knowing your WordPress URL structures. It's a small thing, but a thing I've meant to put in for far too long now. Hello easier nostalgia access.

As usual, there could be broken things as a result of the change. If you notice one, give me a shout and I'll look in to it.

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