Yeah, Yeah, Updates…

Alright, I know. I’m sucking at this. Allow me to explain:

1) It’s week nine here at Drexel. I have three more weeks left of my first year. As a result, I’m outrageously busy. Ever been up from 9a to 3a ten days in a row? It’s not fun.

2) My freaking laptop is in for repair at Apple. Again. Where again = fourth time this year for this system. Great track record huh? It seems I’ve fried yet another bloody card and am now out of a laptop 3-5 days. I’m also leaving for home for the weekend which means I need Apple to finish with it Wednesday, Thursday morning latest. Will I switch to a PC? Hell no. I like having a store where I can go with my system, drop it on a counter and say “Your problem.” Alright, so I don’t exactly do that, but you get the idea.

3) It rained all of last week – and looks like it will this week too – so I had no chance to go anywhere nor take pictures. Who wants to see dark, blurry pictures from rain on the camera? Does this mean no Week in Philly for last week? No, but I have to get enough free time to get one up. That’s a luxury for me right now.

And that is the state of things. Yeah, they suck. Yeah, I suck at regular updates. Yeah, I do actually have a life. I am honestly trying though. I in no way want to abandon this project. I just currently have other priorities that have to come first. I know it sucks, but such is life. It enjoys throwing bricks at your face. But oh well. If you always give up, you’ll never accomplish anything. And that is the real world. Welcome.

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