[Updated] Minor Site Updates

Two small updates were pushed out to the site this week:

  • Updated banner – after leaving the old one up for a month, we figured it was time for a change.
  • UNICLOCK removed from sidebar – We decided to remove the clock widget that used to live in the sidebar. We’ve noticed some site speed improvements in removing it. We’ll continue monitoring the site for potential performance issues and fixes for them.
  • The Bio page received minor housekeeping.
  • 6/29: Store update completed. The sidebar updates are done as well.

Changes on the radar:

  • The store is due for an update. The “this week” is more a “this month” at this point. We’d like to be able to actually update it weekly, but for now we’re going to rename it simply “Staff Pics” after the update. Done as of 6/29.
  • We’re considering scaling down the gradient in the site header. We think there’s a little too much blue up there right now.
  • The “connect” sidebar widget is going to be changed to just a Twitter and Google+ button. We’re not closing down our Facebook page as of yet, but we also never really updated it regularly either. As a result, we’re pulling the button for it from the site. Done as of 6/29.
  • The Bio page will eventually be getting a new “Resume” subpage.
  • The sidebar widget for the two QR codes and the Empire Avenue widget might be getting cut. We’ll be toying around with the sidebar a bit soon before we make any final decisions. Done as of 6/29.
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