Testing the Removal of Disqus

Howdy folks. Small site update today. Been a while since I’ve posted one of those. Today, I am starting a test on the site that will run for about one week.

I recently became aware some pages, notably posts, could take a very long time to load. While verifying this with page audits, I also noticed a lot of unrecognized outgoing traffic – especially the tracking kind. This was not at all something I was OK with.

I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible in the past with what data is collected by visiting here on the Privacy Policy page. To be clear, I personally do not collect any identifiable information from your visit. Any and all tracking on here is done entirely by third-party, notably Google Analytics. There is nothing I hate more than ADs everywhere for something I looked at once and have no real interest in.

After some trial and error, it appears this stopped after switching off Disqus for commenting. Since it has been more than a year since the last comment was posted on here, this is a system that I feel can be turned off at this time, especially since commenting is not available on the AMP and Apple News versions of the site anyway.

This does not mean commenting has been removed. Commenting has been reverted to the native commenting system. All previously made comments were synced, and are still live. Depending on how things go during this test period, I may leave Disqus off for the foreseeable future.


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