Introducing FHNWRK for Google Currents

Got an iOS or Android device? Got Google Currents on it? Good news! The France Hopper Network is now available for mobile digestion on Google Currents.

To add it, simply search for “The France Hopper Network” (although as you can see, just “The France Hopper” is enough). Eventually, it will also appear under the Lifestyle section.

As it just launched only an hour ago, Currents is still importing content for the Currents edition of FHNWRK. However, with the exception of Tweet Tweet, which will show my Twitter feed, all of the latest content should be imported and ready for viewing. As you may have noticed, FHNWRK for Currents is more than just a mobile copy of the site, it also includes ai|films via YouTube, Google+, and soon Twitter.

To see a listing of what’s available, just open up the table of contents. As this is the first release of both Google Currents and FHNWRK for Currents, what you see is subject to change over time. I am still working on a small bit of additional customization that will be going live soonish.

Please note: Google Currents is designed, distributed, and managed by, well, Google. The app design, availability, and pricing is subject to change at any time. Likewise, for support with the app, please consult Google, not me. However, if you believe there is an issue with the content from FHNWRK itself, please leave a comment and I’ll investigate. Please be aware that new content may take up to 48 hours to appear.

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