I’m still alive! Really.

No joke, I’m alive, and equally no joke, the blog really needs an update. Like really, really needs an update. The “coming soon” has been coming soon for quite a while now.

Well good news everyone! I’m taking a vacation soon. And if you’re going to Sakura-con, well what do you know? We have the same vacation plans! (Is your company forcing you to take vacation too?) Yes, vacation is a mandatory thing at my workplace – or at least 12 of my 22 days are. The office might think I’m dead though when I don’t show up for a 60-hour work week (20 of those hours are by choice) for the first time in nearly half a year.

And that, is why the blog has been in a very sad state since October.ish. Wait when was the last update? August? Well crap. That’s… half a year. I’m not very good at this, am I?

Anyway, expect updates. Soon. For real this time. There’s plenty to talk about when you’ve been so busy for half a year – especially when you realize it’s been half a year.

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