Is that a new coat of paint?

Yes it is. I did a rather extensive amount of site work today, the most obvious of wish is a brand new theme. That old one? It sucked. Way too much wasted space. This new one is designed to use a lot more (over 100px more for those curious). Since I want the main focus of the site to be on content, pages and posts now take up the entire screen. The left sidebar now only appears on the main page. In addition, you can now see how many times a particular page or post has been viewed (to some degree of accuracy) and also rate them using a 5 point scale. And that’s actually really about it… A lot of the changes made today were put in place for going forward. I’m finally done running back and forth between NJ and PA for co-op interviews for Drexel after two full weeks so today marks the real start of summer vacation for me. My last one. That said, I now actually have time to work on slapping the project together more. I do have to finish moving back in though >_>

Two more posts are coming in just a bit, so stick around.

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