Never stop dreaming.

For over a year now, there have been three words that you’ve likely seen on the site a lot: dreams can happen. Those three words are words we live by. However, they were never actually intended to be the slogan for The France Hopper Network. Dreams can happen is actually the slogan of our parent company, ai. Tonight, we’re very happen to announce that at long last, The France Hopper Network is finally getting a slogan of its own: Never stop dreaming. We believe that the instant you do, life becomes drastically less exciting. A lot of the adventure is gone. In some cases, there may no longer be something worth living for. Life becomes a lot more routine. We believe that dreams inspire us. They drive us. They give us a world of our own. They give us challenges. And perhaps most importantly, they give us extraordinary opportunities. Which is why at The France Hopper Network, we plan to continue dreaming because in life, truly, anything is possible. But you have to work for it. Seeing a dream become reality isn’t something that just simply happens, it’s earned.

fh|never stop dreaming.

PS: For those of you who use Google currents, we’ve finally updated our look on it.