Small Changes To Picture Posts

As you’ve probably already noticed, picture posts have had some recent changes. If you haven’t, here’s what’s changed:

  • Improved accessibility: Images are now having alt text added to them. This should improve experiences using screen reader software.
  • Better quality: I have been manually replacing images imported from Instagram with the original, full resolution image. Again, this is a manual process, which means posts from Instagram will have a compressed image until I get to replacing it, usually within 48 hours.
  • Removed location: This was not my choice, but changes to the Instagram API mean it is no longer possible to show where a picture was taken. However, you could probably get this information from the EXIF data if you really wanted to know after it’s been replaced with the original image from Instagram (or you could just head over to Instagram.)
  • Images actually display again: This is probably something you did not notice unless you are on version 84 or higher of Google Chrome. A bug prevented images from lazing loading correctly, meaning posts were blank when scrolled to instead of loading the image. This has been fixed, and images should always load correctly now.
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