Sunsetting The France Hopper Library

In a change few of you probably noticed, I’ve removed the tab labeled “The Library” from the navigation menu. It linked to The France Hopper Library, a project I started roughly two terms ago at Drexel that never took off. To be blunt, it never saw a single user and was used more so for me to keep track of what I already owned on my bookshelf. It was a full library catalogue powered by Koha.

It was launched at a time when my bookshelf was seeing frequent additions. Shortly after its launch, those additions slowed considerably. In fact, it wasn’t until earlier last month when I went to add The Tale of The Princess Kaguya that I noticed there was an issue with Koha. The other reason I’m taking the project offline is that it’s an issue I’ve been unable to fix after a week of troubleshooting.

If you still have the page bookmarked, for the time being, it will remain up, but the catalogue itself is offline as I’ve powered off the server it ran on until I have enough time to try working on it again. If and when I do fix it, it will probably still remain closed as at this point it’s more of a side project for my hobbies. Koha is a great free and open-source system and I do hope to get it working again for that reason.

(PS: For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “sunsetting” is a fancy way of saying retirement/discontinuing in the tech world.)

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