Hurricane Sandy Status Update

As some of you already know, on Monday evening, Hurricane Sandy made landfall where I live. As a result, many of you have been asking if we are OK. I figured it would be best to do a broadcasted status update on here to answer that.

The House:

The house is OK. We have one broken window from a branch. It’s not broken fully through, just cracked, but we will have to replace it. The Verizon FIOS line to the house was ripped away from the house by another branch, but it is still intact and only a small bit of siding is missing. We have not had power since roughly 7.15p on Monday and will be out for an estimated 7-10 days. We did finally get a generator for the house that lasts about 12 hours and provides power to the freezers, fridge, boiler, and a lamp.

The Area:

We had a huge tree fall on Sycamore Ave, one of our major roads, which is still closed while they work to clear the tree and the three utilities poles that it brought with it. On our street there is a snapped utility pole that luckily fell into a driveway, just missing a house by inches. The end of the street has another downed tree and Willow Road, the next street over, has another huge tree down in the road with a utility pole and street light. Traffic lights are very slowly coming on, but most are still out. Us (Tinton Falls), Eatontown, Freehold, and Princeton are a couple of towns I know of that are still without power or have it on in select areas only. Getting gas right now is a bitch; lines are very long and only a handful of stations are actually open right now.

Overall, we are fine. Things are slowly getting back to normal, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

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