The Network Turns Seven

Seven years ago today, I had a new genius plan: to start a blog. Again. For the third or fourth time. Sure the other three or four kind of got neglected and were left to die off, but fifthish time’s the charm, right? What could go wrong?

Time. Time could go wrong. When I started this back in 2011, I was nearing the end of my first year at Drexel. Back then, this was more of a collection of my tweets than a blog. Now you could argue it’s more of a mirror of my Instagram profile. Some things don’t entirely change, I guess.

That certainly holds true for having the time to regularly update at the very least. While my Drexel years have come and gone, the post-Drexel years are going by quickly enough as well. I’m sure the 60-hour work weeks aren’t helping that, but with a little luck, that may change soon.

There’s plenty I could probably share here if I had the time, though I don’t know how interesting my ramblings on public transport and anime would be. Site metrics indicate the latter isn’t doing too badly as of late though. My backlog is pretty bad so it could be fun to maybe review some older anime series. I still don’t know what to make of Darling and the FRANXX (that’s still airing, right?)

Life in Portland is about the same as it has been the last two years I’ve been here. There are some projects ramping up with Portland Streetcar that I at least find interesting, so that could be a topic for discussion too I suppose.

Overall, however, this blog ultimately has the same problem my others had – or rather I still have the same problem: a lack of time. Here’s to another year and perhaps some more time to actually update things.

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