Eight Years Of The Network

Who would have thought this often neglected blog of mine would survive eight years? I guess I should take down the banner for seven years now.

And yet, heading in to year eight, things are about the same as year seven. I still work way too much to give this place regular updates that aren’t picture posts. While they’re only 51-hour weeks now and not 60, that one day a week I do take off usually gets filled up pretty quickly.

That said, for once in a very long time, I have to admit I’m slightly looking forward to taking a vacation next week. Not so much the “standard” paycheck part, but some time to catch up on things and a few days in Seattle… if ironically right in the heart of Amazon’s campus. I should probably hide my Kroger badge while up there.

For the most part, nothing has really changed over the last year. The biggest change probably would be that I now work at home, which is just so rough. The commute is an awful 47 steps and the line for coffee just takes forever with no one in it. The courtyard view out the window is just terrible and the chair has too many settings on it to actually be comfortable. That would all be sarcasm by the way – minus the number of steps from the bed to my desk. That part I did actually measure.

So, here’s to another eight years perhaps. Maybe I’ll eventually find a new gig that gives whatever this “work/life balance” thing is everyone else seems to talk about.

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