So… What’s with the banners?

Recently, the sidebar was given and overhaul and as a part of that overhaul, I’ve added two new banner images that do indeed link to other sites. So what’s up with those? First of all, like the rest of the sidebar, they only appear on the home page. They were also both placed under free will. The first banner links to Culture Japan, the awesome site of the very awesome guy Danny Choo. If you’ve ever wondered what daily life is like in Japan, Culture Japan is a fantastic resource. The second banner is for J-List, a company in Japan I both greatly respect and greatly love. It is indeed the first and very likely only AD that you will ever see on here. So why did I put an AD up? As I said, I love J-List and I want to spread the word about them. While yes, I do receive a commission on sales from click-throughs, I have opted to receive it in store credit. Why? The cash from the check would likely end up going back to J-List anyway for more study aids or figures. As those of you already familiar with J-List know, there are both a PG and an R side to the site. While the banner shown on here does link to the R side,, the products shown should only be the PG products. I may be switching it out with one that links to the PG side, Either way, you should see PG products only. If that is not the case, please do drop me a line on Twitter, preferably with a screenshot.

If you have any concerns about this change, please do leave a comment.

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