Welcome to The France Hopper Network!

Greetings! Welcome the The France Hopper Network, or FHNWRK for short. If you’re reading this post, chances are you follow me on something, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Empire Avenue (in which case you own shares of me). While still unfinished, tonight I’d like to announce my latest project, The France Hopper Network. If you’re reading this, it’s extremely like you’ve already seen it getting setup. Phase 1 is one that only a very, very, very select few of you will have seen, my Poken account. On the other hand, more of you have likely seen Phase 2, the rebranding of my YouTube channel from Channel FH to ai|films. ai|films is a part of FHNWRK. Phase 3 is the most recent of them all, and that was joining Empire Avenue, where FHNWRK actually comes from. Phase 4 is… wait for it… this!

So what the heck is this? Given that my online life has grown almost as big as my regular, boring, real life I’ve decided to create one centralized hub for it all. The France Hopper Network is made up of my Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Empire Avenue just to name a few. In the coming days, I’ll begin posting original content to here, starting with the Life in Philly series.

Inspired by Danny Choo‘s (@dannychoo) a Week in Tokyo, A Week in Philly is an experiment I’ll be doing to record my weekly life as a student in Philadelphia. The Life At Drexel series could be considered a prequel. Life At Drexel will continue, but unlike A Week in Philly, Life At Drexel will focus specifically on what I’ve been up to a Drexel and what life here is like.

So, to wrap up, please excuse the mess and stay tuned. The launching of this site may be the last phase of the project (for now) but it’s only just beginning.

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