My Empire Avenue Policies

Last updated: Saturday, September 3rd


  • Thank you for not sending me mail or shout outs on how to run my portfolio. It’s my portfolio, not yours.
  • Thank you for not begging for return investments.
  • Nothing
  • Nothing

I thought now might be a good time to discuss this topic. In recent weeks, I have seen an explosion in investors on Empire Avenue. Now don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to have an increasing number of shareholders. Thank you to all 273 of you (as of 12am edt, Aug 24). You all directly influence my share price. You all are my motivation to continue being relatively active on Empire Avenue and continue The France Hopper Network (this site here, in case you were confused about what it is you’re currently viewing). However, with the increase in shareholders, I’ve also noticed some trends increasing that I would like to adress.

  • I do not return buy-and-run investments. What I mean by this is that I will not return the investment of people who only buy a single share. I will not even bother to look at your profile. If you come back and purchase more shares, then I will. I understand some people don’t have enough EAvs to put in a significant investment. I will gladly return a small investment, such as 5 shares. The reason I do not return one share investments is I see these kinds of investments as an attempt to get attention. Well, here’s your attention from me.
  • I will gladly return Twitter follows and Google+ circles. However, I currently am not returning Facebook nor LinkedIn requests. Both are reserved exclusively for people I actually know, with my LinkedIn even more selective.
  • I do not read shareholder updates. Sorry, but I just don’t have the time to read over them. To be blunt, most don’t interest me either.
  • Sorry, but I am not looking to join any Facebook groups nor pages at this time. I know that sounds hypocritical of me given that I do have a Facebook page for FHNWRK, so I would like to elaborate on this point. I recently have been receiving an increasing amount of shout-outs and shareholder updates for the sole reason of asking me to Like a page on Facebook, only for the reason it helps the sender’s share price. I have nothing against helping others on EAv increase their share prices, especially when I’m invested in them, but I do frown upon people who beg for investments and Facebook Likes to increase share prices. I do look at some of the requests I get to see if the page actually interests me and if it does, I will Like it.
  • Thank you for not posting “Hi there, investing xyz in you. Please consider following/friending/fully following me: <url here>.” as a shout out.
  • Thank you for not sending me mail or shout outs on how to run my portfolio. It’s my portfolio, not yours.
  • Thank you for not begging for return investments.
  • Thank you for endorsing my feeds/blogs. I do make an attempt to return these.
  • I do typically respond to shout outs, but if I have a large backlog of investors, please understand that I simply cannot respond to every single shout out I receive.
  • I am not currently looking to join any groups on Empire Avenue. All of my community slots are already full, sorry.
  • I honestly do not have any secrets for success, sorry. All I know is that what ever the heck I am doing, it seems to be working. I will, however divulge my current strategy, which I have kept as a closely guarded secret until now…
  • If your share price is lower than 50, I tend to invest 25 shares to start. If your share price continues to raise, I will gladly increase my investment.
  • If you are at 50, or very close 50 (47 and up), I will typically invest 50 shares in you.
  • If you are at or close to 75, I will typically invest 75 shares.
  • If you are at or close to 100, I will invest 100 shares.
  • If you are in the medium to high hundreds (roughly 125+ right now), I will usually max out at 200.
  • If your ROI is 0.5 or greater, my investment tends to be higher than my scheme above.
  • If your ROI is 1 or higher, I usually fully max out at 200.
  • If your share price is close to, at, or above 100, I will recommend your shares.
  • If your ROI is roughly .8 or higher, I will recommend your shares.
  • If your activity scores are high across the board (50 or higher on the majority of your connections) and your share price is on the rise or consistent, I tend to max out.
  • If your share price is sharply on the rise, I max out and recommend.
  • If your share price is low (anything under 30), ROI high, activity scores high across the board, and share price sharply growing, I will max out, recommend, and tip-off TeamZen if you are not already in the recommendations list.

Those points are the only ones I can think of right now. I will continue to update them as things change. I hope that all of that will give you a better idea of what your investment means to me and what you are, in a sense, investing in. I believe in being honest with my shareholders. I am not trying to be rude by posting these policies and this post in general. My hope is that this post will give you a better idea of what I base my actions on Empire Avenue on. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I do encourage you to share them. If you would rather do so privately, I invite you to send me Private Mail on Empire Avenue, or utilize the Contact page here on FHNWRK.

Once again, a huge thank you to all 273 of you who have invested in me. Neither my share price nor 2M+ net wealth would be possible without your support. You lot are awesome.

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