Live in Philly? Want a chance to go to Japan?

I’ll admit that when it comes to newsletters in my inbox, I usually glance over them. However, one managed to catch my eye today, the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia’s newsletter (JASGP for short). It was pretty hard missing the banner at the top: “Become a JASGP member, win a free ticket to Japan!” Apparently, the promotion is a part of the JASGP’s Fall membership campaign and the first item in the new monthly raffle for members. It appears the only requirement to be eligible (although there may well be more) is to be or become a JASGP member by November 15th.

As you may recall, last year the Japanese government was planning to give away 10,000 tickets for foreigners to visit Japan but later canceled those plans to focus more on Japan’s recovery following the Great Töhoku Earthquake. While the chance to go from the JASGP might not be free, it is still a chance. The membership prices are fair (and yes there is one for students) and the JASGP holds some pretty awesome events throughout the year, especially Sakura Sunday.

If you’re interested, head on over to the JASGP for the full rundown.