A day in tweets for 2011-08-24

  • The iPhone one – “@engadget: App logs reportedly confirm dual mode CDMA / GSM iPhone 5 in testing http://t.co/wJ0hLQ2” #
  • @jlist have you tried the App Key Ring? Dunno what's on the cards you have, but it help with he wallet. in reply to jlist #
  • I find it ironic that soundtracks from Nintendo games sound best on my Sony systems. #
  • It's quiet. Too quiet. Time to go plot something… #
  • RT @TWCBreaking: Prelim 5.8 Earthquake epicenter about 34 miles NW of Richmond, VA. 87 miles SW of DC. Begin felt as far north as NYC and NJ #
  • @Larke12 oh it was big. My house shook, stuff fell of my test. in reply to Larke12 #
  • So, my first earthquake ever and I've been in CA four times. WIN. #
  • RT @TWCBreaking: Earthquake upgraded to 5.9, epicenter about 41 miles NW of Richmond, VA. 83 miles SW of DC. #
  • Alright, bad question to ask, but what the hell am I supposed to do in an earthquake? #earthquake #
  • @Larke12 now it is go out to the streets? I always heard brace yourself in a doorway. in reply to Larke12 #
  • @Larke12 well, that's just what i heard 10 years ago lol in reply to Larke12 #
  • Latest breaking news on Virginia earthquake – breakingnews.com http://t.co/num7s6j via @breakingnews #
  • I'm at Earthquake!!!! (Long Branch) w/ 22 others http://t.co/70F0BE6 #
  • ROFL. Drexel Alert JUST sent out an alert about the earthquake. Way to be late as always Public Safety. #
  • “@80miles: These hilarious quake tweets ought to be called "laughter shocks!"” #
  • @Komodo_Zero I think it's mainly panic due to how rare one is in all the areas hit. in reply to Komodo_Zero #
  • “@DanSena: How Californians react to a 6.0: "Did you feel the earthquake?" "Yeah" "Cool, whats for dinner?"” #
  • “@darthvader: I just felt a tremor in the Force. No wait, that was an earthquake.” #
  • Agreed – “@themaninblue: WOAH. This is the most beautiful animated GIF I've ever seen http://t.co/t5LzQHB” #
  • “@jwpetersNYT: First images coming in of DC earthquake devastation: http://t.co/OgkVwwK” #
  • Yes it will – “@Chris__Richards: Twitter reminding us that when the apocalypse comes, it's gonna be hilarious.” #
  • One thing today's earthquake has taught me: when the world ends, it'll go out in style. Thank you Twitter. #
  • “@AmtrakNEC: Speed restrictions continue between BAL & WAS due to earthquake. Thank you for your patience.” #
  • Heh. Texted Dad about the earthquake. His reply "You guys get all the fun." My reply, "enjoy your train delay :P" #
  • http://t.co/QUYH8pm Tablet computers: Fun in the bathroom? (from @cnn) #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (33 Timothy Lane, Tinton Falls) http://t.co/2GwEjiV #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/TGXn6RL DC / Virginia Earthquake Aftermath #
  • Alright #EAv I hear you. Playing catch up now. #
  • Since my #EAv shareholders has exploded recently, writing up an EAv-related post right now. #
  • Also, I am aware of the performance issues with FHNWRK right now. Looking in to it. #
  • I love 500 errors. #
  • Hmm. Looking like the site's really stuck tonight. Well, I know how I'll be spending the next couple hours. #

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