Soft launched a Facebook page

If you keep an eye on the sidebar, you might have noticed two changes that were quietly added yesterday. When I originally launched FHNWRK, one of the ideas I had was to make it a centralized location for just about everything I’m up to on the web. In accordance with that idea, two new widgets are now live in the sidebar, a Google+ and a Facebook Page. Both were added for a reason.

Google+ was added because, well, a) I have one and b) it’s actually not a carbon copy of my Twitter. Feel free to Circle me if you desire. I do Circle back (mainly because most of the people I know aren’t on Plus yet). As for the Facebook Page, I admit it was mainly added for Empire Avenue reasons. Perviously, I had my profile linked to an old Facebook page I used to run for the ZREO Podcast. As that project has been put on hiatus, I wasn’t maintaining the page and so it certainly wasn’t helping my share price nor activity scores. So, I was left with two choices: completely pull a Facebook page from my account or link up with a new one. I opted for the latter. I honestly don’t expect it to get too much attention, but it you feel like liking it and reading a copy of what gets posted here on Facebook instead, it’s there for you.

Finally, in case you missed it, the Projects page is now live.

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