To all my YouTube Viewers:

Recently, I was invited to join the YouTube Partner Program. As part of the program, I will need to take down any videos I did not actually create. The following videos will be taken down by Saturday, July 21st:

  • Why marrying a good Speller is Important
  • SEGA Logo (September 2009)
  • Ubisoft Logo Animation (E3 2009 onwards)
  • Gaia Aquariums Music
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk Trailer
  • Music from zOMG! – Gaia’s MMO – by Jeremy Soule

If you wish to view or save these videos, please do so before Saturday. After that, they will no longer be on my channel. To all 41,772 of you who watched Ubisoft Logo Animation (E3 2009 onwards), thank you for making it my most watched video.

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