For those looking for the ZREO Podcast

I thought it might be a good idea to post this given some recent analytic data I’ve been seeing. It looks like there are still a fair amount of people trying to find The Official ZREO Podcast (TOZP for short). That said, let me give you the full rundown on what’s going on. The podcast has been on hiatus for probably at this point a year or more. We have not canceled it, but no one on the ZREO Team is doing any active work on it, myself included. The simple reason right now is that no one on the team really has the time to do any work on it. Producing a weekly podcast is actually extremely difficult. Even a monthly one would be difficult for us to do right now. I’m sure a lot of you are asking why.

For me, personally, I started college this past year at Drexel University in Philadelphia. At Drexel, we run on what’s called a Quarter System (well, my program of study does). What this means is that my terms are composed of just ten weeks. That means I have just ten weeks to learn whatever material is being studied in class, unlike some colleges that will spend a month or more on something. I took my finals for the first term at Drexel before most of the people I know from high school even took their midterms. As you may have been able to put together, things at Drexel move fast. Extremely fast. The fact that Drexel is already a very difficult university doesn’t help that any. As a result, I have very little free time. What free time I do have at Drexel I spend with friends or colleagues.

So what about the rest of the team? Honestly, they’re a hell of a lot more busy than me. There have been times where I’ve honestly thought I’ve just been taking up space on the staff seeing how much work the rest of the team does. I can personally guarantee you that the others are very hard at work on various projects and that they are very passionate about what they are doing. As many of you know, Twilight Symphony (TPS) is currently our “big one”. While it may not show publicly on the ZREO site, I promise you we are working our asses off on it. TPS is going to change a hell of a lot of things. I’ve probably said too much already with just that. The last thing that I will mention is that some of the team members are working on other projects besides TPS. While, to be blunt, it is likely none of your business, I know Eric, or ebuch as most of you would know him as, is getting ready to start his first year of college. As for the other members of the team, I can’t vouch for them because I don’t know every little detail of their lives. I never wanted to and still don’t. That said, if I don’t need to know, sorry, but you don’t either. I know its tough to trust us when we give you so little to go on, but we do have reasons, including legal. Just know that we are honest to God working on everything we’ve said we’re working on, we just can’t share too many details on what we’re doing. I will not be taking nor answering any questions about what we’re working on nor the team members’ lives. I simply and honestly do not know every last detail because I don’t need to know. That being said, that means we don’t believe our fans need to either. We do, however, still love the support all of you have given us and we are extremely thankful that we have such wonderful fans as all of you. To our new, welcome. To our old, thanks for sticking around.

So what does all this mean going forward? Will the podcast ever come back? At this time, I don’t know. I don’t know ZREO’s full plans for the future. I know some, but not all. And I cannot comment on them at this time. I believe that we would indeed like to bring the podcast back at some point. The future of the podcast is a discussion that we have had. We all agree that right now it is not a priority, but that does not mean we should just leave it to die. If we ever have the time and resources needed to produce the podcast free up again, I believe that yeah, we’ll be back. Back with more insanity. Back with more new car smell. I can tell you that if the podcast does come back, it will come back under a new name. For one, we’re going to drop the “Official” part from the title. It’ll still be the official ZREO podcast of course, but at this point it’s a word that’s unnecessary. And, since you’ve waited so long with the lights off and the sign hanging off the wall, I’ll give you one more detail as well. We’re dropping the ZREO part too. It’ll cover much more than just us.

So, finally, since many of you have asked where you can find the old podcasts, allow me to explain that as well. As you many have noticed, the domain is gone. Because we are no longer developing it, we decided to release the domain. For a short period of time, it started to redirect to here, The reason for that is that just about all the team members have their own subdomains. Mine was podcast as that was what I did. Name changes took place as did server moves and eventually the podcast domain was retired from the server. This does unfortunately include the files for the podcast as well. I may still have them backed up somewhere on my system, but I haven’t found them yet. The podcast was produced on my PowerMac G4, which I have now retired for a Mac Pro. If I do find the files and have the time to get them back up, I will post them for those of you looking for them. However, I cannot make any promises in that regard at this time.

In closing, I’m happy to see there is still interest in the podcast. We haven’t forgotten about it and we would like to eventually bring it back from the dead. We just can’t dedicate time to it right now (I’m still not sure how the team has so much time to do all the things they are doing right now. I think I might actually be working with zombies.) So again, thank you for your continued support for the podcast and ZREO. You lot are the best fans in the world <3

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