Introducing the photo gallery

Now that I’ve got some infrastructure finally working, the photo gallery is now live. From time to time, I’ll be adding new photos to the gallery. If you’re wondering why I don’t use an existing service, I’m not shelling out $20+ a month to have someone host my photos. I don’t have that kind of budget. Please note, due to what seems to be a server constraint, now all photos may have thumbnails automatically generated for them. I know it’s ugly and I’m working to fix it. In the mean time, rest assured that a photo does actually exist (most of the times).

Edit: The missing thumbnail issue should now be fixed. The tradeoff is that the full size of all images in the gallery is now smaller, but should now also fit most monitors better. Some backend changes have been done that should prevent this from being an issue in the future. One final note, while I do have the option to automate a watermark my images, I currently have no intentions of doing so. To be blunt, I hate watermarked images. The majority of them are annoying. Please to not abuse the no watermarking policy I have. I might have to change my mind if I find people doing so.

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