About Pages – Now More Stalkable!

I’ve finally stopped bing a lazy ass and have finished up the About pages, including adding yet another freaking profile about myself. As if I didn’t already have enough to maintain… *sigh* Oh well. In addition to now being able to view a profile on me, you can now drop me a line via the Contact page if Twitter isn’t your thing and see all the places on the internet I’m a member of via the Connect page.

In regards to how often I’ll do a vlog or regular old blog now that I’m home for the summer, I honestly have no idea. To be honest, it’s pretty damn boring around here. That said, I really don’t know how much I’ll have to share. I hate to say it, but chances are I’ll rarely have anything thrilling to share. As this will be the last summer break I ever have, I certainly want to do something with it, but there really isn’t all that much to do where I live. There’s no public mass transit to go explore anywhere. OK, we have the train and some busses, but compared to the service SEPTA offers, NJTransit is pretty terrible. If I want to go anywhere, I’ll have to drive for at least part of the way there. Yeah, I’m 30 minutes exactly away from the beach, but it’s Benny season, which means uber traffic and uber crowded beaches (fun fact: one of them often closes to new traffic in the afternoon on the weekends). That said, and especially since I have a pool in my backyard (that I personally don’t even use), I rarely go to the beach and doubt I’d be able to get any shots or footage with relative ease. Sandy Hook is a pretty neat spot to shoot, but again, Bennys.

Long story short, I’ll continue developing this project, but I can’t vouch for when nor how often I’ll actually have content to share.

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