Photo of a They/Them pin from Kumoricon.

It’s Time

For several years now, I’ve said that you should identify as who you feel comfortable being. Even if yes, science does say otherwise, I think there is more to gender than just X and Y. I believe that you shouldn’t have to pick a side; neutral should be equally as acceptable as any other choice.

I think it’s time I finally stop debating my own decision. For a bit over a year now, I’ve been debating where I most feel comfortable “fitting in”. So, after extensive debate, I’ve decided the neutral option best matches what I believe. Yes, chromosomes are either X or Y, but people aren’t machines. Gender shouldn’t be a one or a zero.

My pronouns are They/Them.

If it’s easier for you to keep using He/Him for me, I’m fine with that. It’s easier; I get it. Using He/Them was something I considered for several months as well. I won’t tell you off for doing so, but I hope you can understand they’re not my preferred pronouns.

I know that’s going to take some getting used to. For the last three weeks now, I’ve been testing the waters with officially making the switch. For those that did know before this post, thank you for respecting my wishes to keep the announcement limited to start. Originally this was something I was going to post here much, much later than today, instead breaking the news to a limited set of folks on Facebook.

But that didn’t feel right. It felt contradictory to my belief that you should be who you want to be.

So, to my friends and colleagues that identify as LGBTQA+, I’m sorry that it took me so long to be brave enough to live my own beliefs. This is a decision that probably should have been easier to make than it has been, but it does feel good to have finally made it.

As I said in my anniversary post, it is time for change.