[Updated] Major Site Works For The Next Week

24 Dec: All site works are complete. Changes to services below. Final backend removal of discontinued services will take place on Friday.

Wow, when’s the last time I did a site update post? Anyway, I’ll be doing some major backend work this week, which includes cleaning out pretty much every single directory on here. Expect the site to be slower than normal, and expect things to break. I’ll be restoring things that break as I find them, with the exception of things being discontinued. I’ll update this with a list of discontinued things as I go along.

Services Discontinued:

  • All stephen.zreomusic services – as of 10pm PDT, 20 Dec
  • All classic (self-hosted) photo galleries – as of 2am PDT, 21 Dec
  • All former series pages (Pre-May 2013 content) – as of 2:10am PDT, 21 Dec
  • As of 9:40 PDT 21 Dec:
    • FruitMan
    • .dump
    • DREX
    • Reos
    • System M
    • System Fz
    • Cupertino
    • Sector 5
    • Gem
    • NFP
    • Pebbles
    • zDash

Services Migrated (As of 9:40 pm PDT 21 Dec):

  • System 42
  • Maranello

Access to above services is limited to a need-to-know basis. These were not open to the general public.

Backend Changes:

  • /help is now /sitemap
  • Copyrights updated to 2016
  • Theme changes for better performance
  • Changed how images from Instagram are handled. Images are now linked to Instagram rather than saved locally. Videos should now work for the first time.  Reverted for not working as expected.
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