The First Ever FHNWRK Hackathon

TGIF! Today was the first ever FHNWRK hackathon to complete a long backlist of site content updates. At long last, the Series page has been completed, which means that every original page from launch has now been fully completed. In case the long wait has made you forget what the Series page is for, the Series page contains a listing of all of the FHNWRK series: Life at Drexel, A Week in Philly, and A Week in Tinton Falls. Each series has been given its own individual series pages, complete with the story behind each one. From the page for each series, you’ll be able to see all the posts for the series (or videos in the case of Life at Drexel) as well as a photo gallery. Each series’ photo gallery contains a listing of photos that go with each post in the series. For example, the Week in Tinton Falls photo gallery contains a gallery for A Week In [Mostly] Tinton Falls – Aug 7-14, which contains the galleries NYC ’11 and Ocean Grove, NJ.

Also added today, the A Week in Philly series now has a proper photo gallery. Previously, the gallery for A Week in Philly pulled photos from one of my albums on Facebook. That album has now been moved to right here on FHNWRK, which means the gallery now has a better UI, photos are now higher resolution, and can now also be downloaded (many are scaled for use as a desktop walpaper).

Finally, a major update has been pushed out to site navigation. mainly due to the completion of the series pages. The About menu has been slightly updated so that Connect is now listed under Profile. The series menu has been completed and now offers quick accessing to a listing of all posts in a series (or videos). In addition, a link to the Series page has been added to the Projects menu as the series on here are all projects as well. Finally, tooltips have been added for every single menu item. If you’re not sure what something is, just hover on it for a bit to find out.

In conclusion, while this post and update may seem short, a lot of backend work was also finalized to support today’s update. While it may not look like much has happened today, today’s update is a significant one, especially behind-the-scenes.

Enjoy 😉