So I’m Changing My Major…

Today I’d like to make an important announcement concerning my future studies at Drexel. After four years and three co-ops in IT, I’ve decided its time for a change. Technology has always been one of my passions and it will continue to be so even though I’m changing my major. Why the late change? Until earlier this year, the program I’m changing to didn’t exist. We announced the opening of several new schools, like the School of Public Health and the School of Entrepreneurship, but one in particular school went largely unnoticed and unpublicized, and it’s the one I’m changing to.

Thanks to a new partnership with Monsters University, Drexel will be opening the School of Scaring at Drexel University and I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been accepted into the inaugural class, majoring Evil Genius with a concentration in creepy technological stuff that can’t possibly be explained via normal means. I won’t be far from my original college at Drexel, thanks to the School of Scaring being located in the two sub basements of the Rush Building. Their rusty, moldy, asbestos filled, structurally unsound corridors are the perfect location for the new college, and personally, I’m quite happy to see Drexel making use of existing, unused space rather than spending more millions of dollars on new construction that takes fours years to complete.

And so, I’ll be making the change official next April Fools Day when the college opens for business.

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