A day in tweets for 2012-01-30

  • I'm at Webko Estate (Tinton Falls, NJ) http://t.co/Nu5igGrc #
  • @MichaelToole the library is [usually] your friend 😉 in reply to MichaelToole #
  • Time to finally catch up on the Jlist Tumblr. Only 703 unread posts. #
  • Teriffific. Preferences no long work in the latest Canary update. Nor do back and forward swipes. #Fail #
  • #TIL Searching for "?" on the Pixiv beta site crashes the site. Whoops. #
  • In other Pixiv news, congratulations to Pixiv on reaching four million users! #
  • One of the dangers of browsing the Jlist Tumblr: you suddently find yourself browsing Pixiv when you meant to catch up on the jlist tumblr. #
  • Things I love about OSX: no "illegal" characters for filenames. #
  • And finally caught up on the @Jlist Tumblr. *plays PS3 trophy sound to feel special* #
  • Now to browse Pixiv for three hours. #

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