A day in tweets for 2011-08-21

  • Hmm. Never knew I could use Kobo Desktop to sync the Sony Reader. Neato. #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/3mPkZ0V Movies In Minutes – Final Destination #
  • I think even the rocket at Drexel travels faster than this (and thing is SLOW). (@YouTube http://t.co/Vhx3DWN) #
  • Now that's a Schindler motor! (@YouTube http://t.co/0WX7YEz) #
  • I got bored – #360panorama http://t.co/zEPJYLj #
  • Just recorded a video given a basic explanation about Pokens. Editing it now. #
  • Oh Hybrid:Works, why must you continue to taunt me so? http://t.co/4seB5Dm #
  • Alright, so if I were to change my phone's ringtone to Town from Idolm@aster, about how many of you would kill me? #
  • The other current contender is Mirai Mechanism by Vividblaze. #
  • As previously mentioned, I am going to be doing an entry for FHNWRK on Pokens soon. It should be live later in the day, #
  • Demolition derby today to start one of the bathroom renovations. FHNWRK updates will be later this evening. #
  • And new ringtone set. Switched from an Apple loop to Mirai Mechanism. #
  • Alrighty, video on Pokens is exporting now should be up for viewing this evening. I do plan on doing a supplemental post too. #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (33 Timothy Lane, Tinton Falls) http://t.co/nHUYJHm #
  • @Larke12 It's open registration for a reason 😛 I don't care. in reply to Larke12 #
  • I have no words for this… – RT @Anime Interest: Hello Kitty Android Smartphone Debuts in September http://t.co/mPH1li5 #
  • Nor this. – RT @Anime Interest: Madoka Magica-Themed Ramen, Curry Offered in Japan http://t.co/kLZ4DLV #
  • *massive drool* – Check this awesome item found at J-List: http://t.co/9ncGx0G via @jlist #
  • Mmm. Shiny new GoogleID page. http://t.co/UMtr2oV #
  • Alright, Poken video processing on YouTube, a new product unwrapping video uploading now. #
  • @jlist can't go wrong with Steins;Gate 😉 in reply to jlist #
  • And the Poken post is up. #doyoupoken #
  • Well poop – RT @Anime News: Liberty Invests in Barnes & Noble But Ends Buyout Bid http://t.co/ff7Rhdi #

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