A day in tweets for 2011-12-25

  • Prepping a little something for tomorrow. http://t.co/oYhaWWAc #
  • I think it's time to break out the holiday desktops. http://t.co/X1ta2cX7 #
  • Holiday Dashboard too. http://t.co/GVVdPsHW #
  • #TIL There is a Cup of Noodles Museum in Japan. http://t.co/Tw63Ge2E #
  • #TIL The Apple Store San Francisco apparently partiakes in the Lucky Bag Sale tradition. http://t.co/ucEtIZbI #
  • In the event you still need to get someone a gift for the holidays (or BestBuy canceled yours), there's always the gift of @OpenDNS 😉 #
  • I've decided this year I'm not putting presents from me under the tree. I'm putting a map to them instead. #
  • As for why, let's just say some assembly required. #
  • I'm doing this for the hell of it: Gallery: Spending Christmas with Your Favorite Anime Guys and Girls http://t.co/2B5NPFZ4 via @crunchyroll #
  • Fouraquareception. (@ Webko Estate) [pic]: http://t.co/bBEXrSbO #

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