A day in tweets for 2011-07-28

  • Testing DragonDictate for creating tweets by speech #
  • In case you didn't know, it's currently free on the App Store #
  • Just replaced Siri with DragonGo! Love that all these apps are free. #
  • Mmm good morning to you too email. Only 103 spam emails today… #
  • And it looks like that part for my camera is still on backorder. Love how @Sony's online tracking still hasn't updated :/ #
  • Two weeks with out a camera and counting. #
  • Sounds like a good library day – swackett says: Sunshine and high of 89°F today for Eatontown http://t.co/JrjbLdn via @sunnyandcool #
  • Hey asshole blasting the music in your car, drive down my street again. I dare you. Already have part of your license plate. #
  • Speaking of music, if I can edit this to a small enough file size, changing my ringtone today for the first time in four years. #
  • Just realized mom's due for a phone upgrade with Verizon roughly next week. Wonder if they have any decent phones yet. #
  • She's already said she's not paying for an iPhone. #
  • Alright. Time to play catchup on Empire Avenue. #
  • You know, if Spirited Away is turning 10 this year, now would be the perfect time for a Blu-Ray release Disney… #
  • Finally caught up on #EAv Time to finish Madoka I think. #
  • Thank you VLC for deciding to crash WindowServer :/ #
  • Watching the last episode of Madoka. Here goes everything… #
  • Wow. That might've been one of the best endings to an anime I've ever seen. #
  • @SonyElectronics I'll take the sound tube thing. Drexel kinda already has everything else, in one way or another. in reply to SonyElectronics #
  • The tube – RT @SonyElectronics: If you could have one thing from this Sony Dream House, what would it be? http://bit.ly/qvdQwv #
  • I could totally see this in Philly: http://bit.ly/oTLBh0 #
  • Ah good old 6 o' clock. Time for dinner and time for 30 more emails to all come in at the same time. #
  • Honestly didn't know this existed – RT @AskPlayStation: How the PS3's Safe Mode works and how to enable it: http://bit.ly/epfQKD #
  • The one thing I do hate about We Rule? The menus change almost every damn day. #
  • @cronocx I'm honored :3 in reply to cronocx #
  • Rogue academic downloader busted by MIT webcam stakeout http://t.co/yZuTO1W via @arstechnica #
  • Grand…. – How a security researcher discovered the Apple battery "hack" http://t.co/Q3QwW47 via @arstechnica #

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