A day in tweets for 2011-08-02

  • Hmm. It looks like Apple has revised Support Profiles. #
  • It also looks like myCases is now rather buggy :/ #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (33 Timothy Lane, Tinton Falls) http://4sq.com/oALK7l #
  • Apple Support lurking done, on to Foursquare duties. #
  • This is too brilliant: http://xkcd.com/932/ #
  • Calling all @Foursquare users in the Tinton Falls area! Do you know of duplicate venues or venues with other errors? Send 'em in for fixing! #
  • This goes for @Foursquare users in Eatontown and Shrewsbury as well. I know a few places in those areas. #
  • Basically, anyone in those areas that can backup their suggested edits, send them in and I'll correct them. #
  • I think I've found one for @Jlist: http://sgk.me/oimmiE That I'd be interested in trying. #
  • Oh hey thunder. That's cool. #
  • I think this might be the most interesting one I've seen yet. – Win $20:http://prizes.org/p/JzIwtqnkhejZ #
  • A Brief History of Apple Not Buying Things http://t.co/DhSVZdD via @technologizer #
  • This mau honestly be the first contest where's there's three ideas I like. And can't decide on – Win $30:http://prizes.org/p/kCXOamy8KWuv #
  • And now time to do what I meant to do an hour ago. Sleep. #
  • Also, installing Xcode overnight. #
  • Wow Nintendo. Could you pick a more obvious 15% off code for the Zelda concert? #
  • @SolusLocus it's not even remotely secure. in reply to SolusLocus #
  • WHOO HOO! My camera is finally on the way back from @Sony! My day has been made 😀 #
  • Oh Japan… You would. You would… http://bit.ly/pBqfYZ #
  • likes GROOVE COASTER ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK by ZUNTATA on Ping http://t.co/R9n6kKB #iTunes #
  • Anyone else have Groove Coaster? #
  • I wish you could add custom text to the iOS lock screen like you can in Lion. I'd put "Make a contract". #
  • “@cosplayamerica: Mark you calendar Aug 27 is International Cosplay Day http://t.co/VBxWUJF” #
  • that's one way to explain the economy XD http://bit.ly/r5GqSu #
  • Oh hi thunder. You're back huh? Good thing I just finished the lawn then. #
  • I smell garlic. Dinner time. #
  • http://www.dannychoo.com/p/26199#c879786 [A Week in Tokyo 67] Awesome. Thanks! #

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