A week in tweets for 2011-06-19

  • Anime and manga on shelves, more or less… Man I've got a lot now. #
  • @thewinchesterau awesome! Thanks 😉 in reply to thewinchesterau #
  • Still getting used to waking up and seeing trees outside my windows. #
  • Testing. Is this thing back on yet? #
  • Done catching up with posts on @dannychoo. Now to go take that shower I meant to take an hour ago XD #
  • For those who are interested in how the move back in is progressing… slowly. Will have pictures to share when done. #
  • Also, I fixed the Twitter + Facebook sync. *insertevillaughhere* #
  • Think I'll start IRC and IMs back up now. I won't really be around though XD #
  • Figmas are back up. Did some dusting the IT way (canned air). Still a ways to go. Almost through 1 big box o crap. 1 more to go. #
  • (Founder Stories) How Mike McCue Came Up With Flipboard: “What If We Accidentally Deleted The Web” http://t.co/mbtENp5 via @techcrunch #
  • First interview tomorrow super early. The fun begins. I'm still not even fully moved back in ^_^; #
  • On board 183 to PHL. #Amtrak Steve W. #
  • In Philly. Way too early and there's no Starbucks this side of town.
    Steve W. #
  • Lunch at the usual @Starbucks.
    Steve W. #
  • Well that's just great. Screen sharing on the Mac apparently doesn't work with @Verizon FiOS because of the POS router and firewall. Figures #
  • And yes, I do still want to punt that damn router out the window. #
  • Also SSHing into your Mac just to Twitter FTW XD #
  • Anyhoo, time to head to 30th Street to catch the train home. It doesn't even feel like 1. Or that I've left Drexel for Summer XXD #
  • Are you kidding me? 3 fucking hour delay on the train? I thought flying sucked.
    Steve W. #
  • Just lucked out. Ticket getting honored on special train.
    Steve W. #
  • Finally home. Thank god Amtrak ran a special train that they honored my ticket on. #
  • Oh the good old days: http://xkcd.com/911/ #
  • Ok… that's creepy. Just placed a Borders order for $13.13 O_O #
  • @jlist please tell me you mean TB. in reply to jlist #
  • Wow. iPhone 4 now unlocked. Starting at $650. #
  • TIL: you can just stick your AGU card in an Amtrak machine rather than scan a barcode. Much easier.
    Steve W. #
  • Lunch. Of course. (@ Starbucks w/ 4 others) [pic]: http://4sq.com/kJYd8o #
  • Figured that's what happened to my train yesterday: http://t.co/W5cxu1H #
  • Watching Astarotte's Toy 9 on Crunchyroll! http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-573146 #crunchyroll #
  • I'm at Drexel University Techserv (3250 Chestnut Street Room 0020, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/iCfjyb #
  • Watching Astarotte's Toy 10 on Crunchyroll! http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-573148 #crunchyroll #
  • Watching Deadman Wonderland 9 on Crunchyroll! http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-573458 #crunchyroll #
  • Watching Gosick 21 on Crunchyroll! http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-572474 #crunchyroll #
  • Holy cow. I think that was my shortest interview yet. They want to bring me in for a physical interview 😀 #
  • Well, since I now have a boatload of time before Amtrak, time to go get Dexter from the library and watch it. #
  • Watching Dexter until the train home. (@ W W Hagerty Library) http://4sq.com/lhMrSb #
  • I'm at 30th Street Station (2955 Market St., at 30th St., Philadelphia) w/ 13 others http://4sq.com/l4MT4J #
  • 9am interview tomorrow with a 2 hour drive to it. Oh yeah. Can you say Starbucks? #
  • Also, it appears my Verizon email is down. Oh well. I hardly use it anyway 😛 #
  • Another one for the *Nix users: http://xkcd.com/912/ #
  • What's more fun than the Parkway at rush hour? The Parkway, NJ Turnpike, PA Turnpike, and I-195 at rush hour. Hello fun driving time. #
  • Lunch at the new Starbucks in the KOP Mall.
    Steve W. #
  • Well bugger. Heard back from SIG. Didn't get it. #
  • Was greatly disappointed to see @Sony's moved out of the King of Prussia mall. A lot of the mall appears dead now actually. #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (33 Timothy Lane, Tinton Falls) http://4sq.com/j0tpcL #
  • Wow. Interesting move Apple. No Mac + iPod promo this year. It's a $100 MAS/iTunes/iBooks card. #
  • Today's driving adventure fun: Just outside Cherry Hill. #
  • In other news, happy 100th Birthday to IBM! #
  • Holy crap. You know it's been a long time since you updated BOINC when there's a totally new UI after you do. #
  • Wow. Guess this drive really was only 1hr 30min. Very early for this interview. Whoops.
    Steve W. #
  • 1 more interview to go this week. Then next week… #
  • They really must not want one: http://bit.ly/mdcaR6 #
  • @francehopper Note to self: get Father's Day card #NTS #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (33 Timothy Lane, Tinton Falls) [pic]: http://4sq.com/mUKiC2 #
  • Have I ever said how much I hate whatever whatever clueless idiot(s) designed permissions in Winblows? #
  • Fsking Adobe Reader decided to brick itself by setting it to owner=system. #
  • On a Mac, chmod would fix that. #
  • I really wish the US had a standard application for employment like Japan. Would make things so much easier… #
  • Last interview of the week today. All the way in King of Prussia though and gonna hit rush and beach hour traffic coming home :/ #
  • Oh wow. The messages window in the new BOINC is actually in English for once. Epic win. #
  • Last interview for this week done. Now get to do another week next week. #
  • Holy shit. No way. Drexel is phasing out free copies of Office. #
  • Just got Deskscribble for Mac OS X completely free. Nothing paid! Really awesome! But hurry, only until July 1st at http://t.co/hLyeLW5 #
  • Holy cow. Big Adium update. Very nice. #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (33 Timothy Lane, Tinton Falls) [pic]: http://4sq.com/myFDQl #
  • Weekend. Finally. #
  • In other news, getting my passport renewed today. It's only been expired… 4-6 years.ish, Something like that. #
  • Might do a blog update today. We'll see what today is like. #
  • I think my favorite part of getting up in the morning/afternoon has to be the weather forecast. http://twitpic.com/5dcmtz #
  • RT @mashable: Twitter users give their hometowns interesting nicknames. See for yourself [INFOGRAPHIC] – http://on.mash.to/jTIZhp #
  • GameStop Turns Zelda Shop – Zelda Informer: http://disq.us/2bbzka #
  • For the people who don't believe me when I say I need 9 desktop spaces. http://twitpic.com/5dicw0 #

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