A day in tweets for 2011-05-23

  • And LAN Party over. Thank you to everyone who came out! Now for bed. #
  • Dear MacBook Pro. Thank you so much for deciding to break today. My Bluetooth is dead. #
  • Well…. today is off to a great start. Emergency Genius Bar run at 4:45p. Cool. #
  • Oh god. Since when did Apple start using 24hr time for reservation confirmations in the US? I don't read 24hr time Apple. #
  • @cronocx I actually had a custom drink featured at one here the other day. Store manager liked it 🙂 in reply to cronocx #
  • @cronocx Grande 3 pump raspberry syrup Java Chip Frap with lite caramel drizzle. in reply to cronocx #
  • Holy shit. Apple Store 2.0 is legit. http://t.co/GORNZc8 #
  • I'm at Apple Store (1607 Walnut St, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/lP1JT1 #
  • Loving the updated Apple Store. #
  • @cronocx lite edition 😉 in reply to cronocx #
  • Go is with Apple yet again. Looks like a week of working off Nirvash in class. #
  • Also, introducing the latest update to the Apple Store App. Another part of 2.0 http://t.co/YlbFGQQ http://t.co/swrFnOj #
  • Yep – Apple Store 2.0 gets official: interactive iPads replace paper signs, more http://t.co/mbXcfKt via @9to5mac #
  • I still love the fact the employees at Apple Walnut know me by face now. #
  • One of the ones at the iPad 2 launch came up to me today to say he had watched my video of it. Loved it 😀 #
  • For those wondering what's happening to Go this time (I should call it Lemon), they're just doing overnight testing for now. #
  • Issue was replicated and they said the card might need a replacement. We'll see what happens this time. #
  • I'm at The Handschumacher Dining Center (3210 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/muhDBI #
  • Watching Gosick 18 on Crunchyroll! http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-572468 #crunchyroll #
  • Note to self: remember to mail mom's card. @francehopper #NTS #
  • @ChrisPirillo I love when it's worn off the jackets Public Safety wear here. in reply to ChrisPirillo #

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