Photo of the weeping cherry tree at the Portland Japanese Garden in peak bloom.

A Quiet 12th Year

12 years of this thing already huh? It’s certainly interesting to look back at how much things have changed since then. If you’ve been following this mess of a blog since the beginning, thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed some part of it, even if proper posts are now far and few between.

With that in mind, not much has changed in the last year, with the notable exception you’ll no longer be able to follow the blog on Twitter. Twitter’s API is prohibitively expensive to keep automatic posting going. That said, while it is buggy, you can keep up with the blog and me in general over on Mastodon if you’re so inclined.

If you noticed the blog went down for six hours this past Saturday, I’m impressed. That said, a WordPress update went horribly wrong that required the core files to be completely re-installed from source. Hopefully that never happens again, but I’ve worked with technology far too long now to not expect a system failure again at some point.

Here’s to the upcoming lucky number 13.