Photo of a fire response at an apartment building in Portland.

The City of Portland might get a lot of crap for the way things are here, but it sure as hell pulls through when it matters.

Some of you have already heard, but today (22 Feb) I had to do something I hoped to never have to do: call the fire department.

I have never in my life been more happy to have arrived home from the grocery store when I did. Shortly after 6 PM Pacific time, my building caught fire.

I’ve lived in a dorm for far too long to know to not ignore when your entire building alarm goes off. Sure enough, while evacuating, I encountered some pretty heavy smoke on the third floor of the building. I immediately called 911 after leaving the building. After a five minute hold, I finally reached a dispatcher for Portland, and the fire brigade arrived about six minutes later. They did end up finding an active fire on the second floor of the building.

If you hear a fire alarm go off for your entire building, get the hell out.

We were let in a few minutes ago, and thankfully my unit is safe. The first and second floors of the building were not so lucky.

Note: This post originally appeared as a screenshot of an update I shared to social media. It has been converted to plain text for better accessibility.

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