“That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime” is a Brilliant Series You Should Be Reading

Well, I think we just set a record for longest entry title on the blog thanks to the least impressive thing you’d find in an RPG dungeon: a slime. I don’t recall how I first came across That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, but however I did, I’m glad I kept it filed in the back of my mind.

If you’ve ever played a “classic” RPG, you’re probably familiar with the slime as a low-level, unimpressive starter enemy that is often the victim of tutorials. In Slime, Rimuru, the main character, is anything but unimpressive… well, at least after he reincarnates into a slime. Imagine the most powerful slime in the world. Now imagine that slime leveling up, let’s say every five minutes. Now imagine that slime instantly gaining the power, knowledge, and skills from anything it eats.

That slime would be Rimuru. Slime pokes fun at the cliches frequently present in RPGs, all of which are explained in the back of each volume, should you miss a joke. While I think you’ll likely enjoy Slime more if you’re familiar with RPGs, it’s a very goofy series anyone should be able to enjoy. It’s a series that’s quite easy to pick up, even though it seems to move fairly quickly through the story.

However, it is a series that does not have a very developed plot yet. Now, to be fair, the series is only on volume 3 with the fourth due out later this month.  So far though, you could summarize Slime as “Guy reincarnates, eats and concurs everything.” Any real antagonists remain to be seen so far.

Nonetheless, I would say Slime is off to a fine start. It’s a series loaded with puns and other witty jokes. While still early, I would consider it shelf worthy, and at the very least, worth looking for at your local library.