Portland: Year Two

Tuesday of last week marked my second year here in Portland and for the first time in five years, not moving. For me, that is a very welcome change… even if I never did finish unpacking yet again. Guess I have another 365 days to do it again.

Living in South Waterfront has been much nicer than Downtown. While I’m no longer right across from a major transit hub, Streetcar is right outside my front door, and I now have a Biketown hub next to the building as well, which is a very welcome addition for Biketown’s second year. I do own my own bike now, but having a hub outside the building is very useful for a one-way trip or a hop over to the Tilikum Crossing to catch TriMet.

While I still haven’t seen as much of Portland, let alone Oregon as I would have liked to, I have crossed some things off the bucket list now. I’d have liked to do more, but I’m still working about 60 hours a week. Gotta love student loans. Portland has a fare card for public transit now, which I very much love. Not having to worry about what ticket to buy or finding a ticket machine for a quick trip on a route I don’t normally take has been a very welcome change.

I hold memberships to our art museum and Japanese gardens now, both of which are good for killing a couple hours at. I do still miss the size of Philly’s art museum, but the collection at Portland’s isn’t too bad, and exhibits rotate frequently enough to have something new to see when I visit every few months. I’m definitely looking forward to the Laika exhibit later this year.

While it doesn’t feel like this second year in Portland went by quickly, 2017 definitely feels like it went by quickly. It doesn’t feel like it’s been eight months since seeing the family last, but it has. I’m halfway through my twenties next month, and this year’s Kumoricon will probably be here before I actually get around to writing about last year’s convention. Oops.

Well, here’s to another year in Portland. Who knows what this one will bring.

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