April Fools: Announcing A New Joint-Venture With Drexel TechServ

Today, I’m thrilled to announce we’re forming a joint-venture with Drexel TechServ to help launch their CatServ Usability service. We think we have finally found the ultimate test in determining if a site features good design or not.

For many years, cats have tried to assist us as we surf the web: walking on our keyboards, attacking our mice, or sitting directly in front of our screens. Earlier this year, we realized our efforts to resist this assistance were futile. We started by allowing our team of two highly trained cats to freely use our spare computer for a day without interruption. What we discovered amazed us.

It turns out cats are very good at performing usability studies. All those times they insisted on blocking our screens were really an attempt to save us from wasting time on poorly designed websites. Around the same time, TechServ approached us to get assistance with a photo hosting service they were developing, CatServ. We worked with them to ensure the site would be designed well enough that cats could use it. Thus, the original CatServ became CatServ Photos, and an unintended second new service, CatServ Usability, were born.

Over the course of this year, we’ll be closely analyzing the data we collect from CatServ Usability to develop a third product for the CatServ line. The internet is huge and it’s constantly growing. With our current resources, we’ll never be able to test the entire internet with actual cats. As a result, we’re developing a new product that emulates a cat on the internet, CatServ AI.

To learn more about CatServ, please visit our friends at TechServ.

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