Keep Fighting, Japan!

Two years ago today at 14:46 (2:46PM) JST, a magnitude 9 earthquake shook the Tohoku region of Japan, followed by several aftershocks and tsunami waves up to 40.5 meters (133 ft). While several media outlets did over exaggerate the disaster, the earthquake left 15,881 dead, 6,142 injured, and 2,668 missing. Even today, Fukushima remains a no-go zone. While many areas have gotten back on their feet, cleanup in other areas still continues. Even in towns that have returned to “normal”, not everyone is willing to come back. But, in spite of such disaster, Japan managed to remain both calm and orderly – and strong.

The images of the disaster can only show so much. I can hardly imagine what actually being there must have been like. So stay strong, Japan, and keep fighting.

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