The Largest Photo Gallery Update Yet

Today I’d like to unveil an entirely re-written photo gallery. Well, almost entirely. While the core system behind it is still same, it has been completely reorganized, has larger thumbnails, and now also features four new galleries, including the largest one to date. I’ve also added a link to see all of my photo galleries on Google+. In an effort to reduce strain on the server, all images in the photo gallery on here are resized to a max of 1920×1080 at 72 dpi. If you need something more high-resolution, Plus will now be the place to go.

So why the re-write? To get ready for the resuming of A Week in Philly and Life At Drexel, it was necessary to start organizing the individual albums into a subfolder structure. While the four-level system in place for some albums might seem over the top, it’s much better for the backend of the site. It also shortens the length of the navigation menu by spreading it out more. The bottomless list structure that was previously in place is now gone.

Finally, as you may have noticed, the photo gallery wasn’t the only thing that received an update today. The site header has also gotten a fresh image for Spring. It also no longer shows the text “The France Hopper Network”. Going forward, any new site headers will be composed of a background image, the FH logo, and the slogan with the last two components on top of a semi-transparent overlay. So why the removal of “The France Hopper Network”? Is the name changing? For now, no, the name isn’t changing. The text was removed to allow the header image to take center stage more than before. Before there was just simply too much text, especially with the logo.

All in all, while today’s site updates might look minor publicly, they are designed to get ready for April. As this coming term will be my most credit-heavy term to date at Drexel at 20 credits, I can’t say how often I’ll be able to post site updates, but I’m certainly hoping to begin posting more.

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