A day in tweets for 2012-01-09

  • Hmm. 182 files in my Downloads folder. I think today might be the day to clean that out. #
  • Maybe I'll have to do it to the Portal 2 soundtrack too. #
  • So it looks like I should've cleaned out Downloads ages ago. Already moved out 10GB of crap or so. #
  • Only ~13GB to go! http://t.co/bsfz8wC9 #
  • And Downloads folder crap moving/sorting/deleting completed. Hello new 25GB of free space. #
  • @PSXBatou @crunchyroll I bet the iOS apps still cut off the last minute or so of video until you reload the ep. Been a number months now… in reply to PSXBatou #
  • In other backlog news, finally ordered a Lucky Bag from @jlist. Now to catch up on @dannychoo and my video backlog. Oh, and anime too. #
  • Bad shows to watch before dinner: Wagnaria!! I'm über hungry now… #
  • @dannychoo I think you're going to have to look for a third party solution now. in reply to dannychoo #

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