A day in tweets for 2011-12-23

  • Why is seriously only Thursday? Feels like it should easily be Friday already. #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb (100 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton) https://t.co/h6ZgjwqP #
  • Roads right now are deserted. That's either a really nice break from traffic or a really bad sign of things to come… #
  • I think today feels like a Beethoven kind of day. #
  • Steve Jobs Just Won A Grammy http://t.co/cWNrfhp4 via @sai #
  • @TUAW just grabbed one of them. thanks 🙂 in reply to TUAW #
  • “@TUAW: More app codes on our Google+ page! Go there now. https://t.co/ogKKe8fv” #
  • Beautiful indeed – Nest Thermostat Teardown Reveals Beautiful Innards, Powerful ARM CPU, Zigbee Radio http://t.co/9nc5oLfY via @techcrunch #
  • Anime News Network: Eureka Seven Ao Sequel Manga to Launch Next Month http://t.co/b0CPlUD6 #
  • Messing around in QBasic. Oh how I miss the old days… #
  • In other news, building a barebones OS for the hell of it. #
  • Cleaning up Google Maps around BMS NSP. Apparently, we're not even ON the map… #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb (100 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton) https://t.co/6DLqoDD1 #
  • @dannychoo record and share said celebration dance? in reply to dannychoo #
  • Woo Hoo! – “@TUAW: LogMeIn goes freemium for iOS; Ignition users get more features. It's win-win! http://t.co/OAGF1xfZ” #
  • PlayStation Vita Launch Lineup and Details http://t.co/P6kBGip7 via @Playstation #
  • Well that was fact 😀 – RT @Anime News: Eureka Seven Ao Gets TV Anime in April 2012 http://t.co/4S68zjMU #
  • PSA: http://t.co/TdLveTJN #
  • Friday tomorrow. Finally. Which means it happens tomorrow. #
  • And yep, that's intentionally vauge. Because I'm evil like that. #
  • The only hint I will give is it's localish and will make some people very happy (hopefully). #
  • In unrelated news, looks like I'm about to break 14,000 tweets. And most of them were worthless 😀 #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (Tinton Falls, NJ) http://t.co/GIt2Bs79 #
  • @jlist can't vouch for the Japanese, but I know most Americans won't ask for directions when lost. in reply to jlist #
  • @Larke12 oh but of course. That's just how I tweet. in reply to Larke12 #
  • @jlist oh yes. I forgot about that part. in reply to jlist #

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