A day in tweets for 2011-12-14

  • Another thing I miss in the new Tweetdeck? Translate tweet. #
  • In other news, if you have me on FB, don't even bother with the FarmVille requests. They are all automatically blocked. #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb (100 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton) http://t.co/Zeyv6IZy #
  • So… First part of my RightStuf! Order came in yesterday, got an email today part of the next part is shipping. Yay 3 boxes XD #
  • “@dannychoo: The man who brought us Summer Wars and The Girl Who Lept Through Time brings us a new movie next Summer. http://t.co/AqQCytEQ” #
  • "@TechCrunch: Amazon Extends Free Shipping Cutoff Through The Weekend Before Christmas http://t.co/T0o6zP8i by @leenarao" #
  • @jlist I think almost anything sounds better in French. Kinda makes it more fancy or something. in reply to jlist #
  • “@arstechnica: Judge dismisses "Other OS" class-action suit against Sony: http://t.co/Hbp8EKQw by @benkuchera#
  • “@engadget: Google's new Street View feature provides eerie glimpse of post-tsunami Japan http://t.co/W3YnibIr” #
  • “@9to5mac: CarrierIQ comes clean how a “bug” caused unintentional collection of text messages, while FBI… http://t.co/VY21cT33” #
  • Well well. This is interesting. Looks like iTunes match replaced some of my "Explicit" copies of songs with the "Clean" version. #
  • Looks like I'll need to dig through Time Machine. #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/YaGQIg5l Happy Meal Time – Epic Meal Time #
  • Nice thinking on the independent service 😉 (@YouTube http://t.co/0LmW5pze) #
  • Rather quick to nudge I'd say. (@YouTube http://t.co/1Em63rtp) #
  • Looks like Kawasaki did a nice job on these. (@YouTube http://t.co/fuyPIztn) #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb w/ @khurtwilliams http://t.co/aXgLU809 #
  • Hell. No. – Federal Panel Urges Cellphone Ban for Drivers: http://t.co/kR3e2jeI #
  • I'm at Starbucks (301 Mercer Mall, Mercer Mall, Lawrenceville) http://t.co/4AZzY0xW #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb w/ @khurtwilliams http://t.co/yvZokECw #
  • "@engadget: YouTube, Verizon FiOS TV and more video services roll out to Xbox Live http://t.co/YtoA3mro" #
  • Have I mentioned I love Foursquare lately? – http://t.co/lBpVm2qk #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (Tinton Falls, NJ) http://t.co/yJkpkHoV #
  • Time to update the Roku software. #
  • Dear Sony, I guess you forgot I already have PSPlus. Thanks for the offer though. #
  • This actually looks worth a try: http://t.co/FBZi64QX Like a better Photo Booth (tip via @ChrisPirillo) #

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