Are you still there?

If you read that in the voice of a turret from the Portal series, congratulations. You read that correctly. If you did not, please educate yourself accordingly:

Now, to business. Yes, I am still very much alive and very much busy with work and the upcoming holidays. I know I haven’t updated in ages and I do apologize for that. I’ve simply been so busy I really don’t have anything to share (trust me, you don’t want to hear about work, not that I could say much about it anyway). If you really want proof of how busy I’ve been, I still have at least three hours of video from my vacation in Hawaii a month ago still waiting to be edited (I really need to get around to that soon…) So, unfortunately, until I have enough free time and something worth sharing, it will continue to be pretty quiet around here.

It’s pretty amazing when you say it out loud and equally hard to believe, but this month marks the halfway point of my co-op at Bristol-Myers Squibb. If I were still at Drexel, vacation would just be starting, marking the end of the first term of the year. Since I am on co-op this year, I don’t get that three-week vacation I did last year. Honestly, I’m OK with that. I don’t remember at all what I did last year with my vacation from Drexel, which probably means I did nothing productive. If I did anything, it was count down to Christmas to finally be able to open my PS3. That said, I like being occupied either. While I can’t vouch for how productive things will be at work in the coming weeks as most people in the office are taking off for the holidays starting Friday, it will at least be something to do… more or less. As for holiday plans this year, I don’t really have any as of yet. I do expect I’ll be spending some time with family though. And that’s good enough for me.

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