A day in tweets for 2011-11-17

  • Slowly catching up on reading Culture Japan. #
  • http://t.co/m9fZs0Th [AFA11 Behind the Sce…] Or could be season 2.5 #
  • In the event anyone cares, the new traffic light at Hope Rd. is finally finished. #
  • You would think that by running everything as a separate process, Chrome would be smart enough to sleep anything idle to free up resources.. #
  • Boy, reading Culture Japan sure goes faster when the image notes all fail to load :/ #
  • So I love how Nicalis says to backup Cave Story+ saves before updating, but fails to say how to do so. Clap. Clap. Clap. #
  • Interesting… iTunes Match apparently will not accept .m4a files… Way to drop the ball on that one Apple. #
  • Or rather, some it will, others it will not. #
  • There does not appear to be any sort of pattern to the ones it will not accept either. #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb (100 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton) http://t.co/L8oakAsR #
  • I just nominated Empire Avenue for "Up-and-Coming Social Media Service" #MashableAwards http://t.co/Y1SGcyou #
  • RT @Anime Interest: Ghibli's Miyazaki, Suzuki Wish Pixar a Happy 25th http://t.co/bbxWwlUQ #
  • VIDEO: First Trailer for Pixar's "Brave" Film http://t.co/C86dpUIV via @crunchyroll #
  • @Komodo_Zero I have to agree with you on that one XD in reply to Komodo_Zero #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (Tinton Falls, NJ) http://t.co/xZ91sWsE #

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