A day in tweets for 2011-08-17

  • Not looking forward to Wednesday. We're having emergency replacement work done on the sewer pipe in the house. #
  • It's cracked and needs to be replaced so we're having a local company come out to replace it. Gonna take the whole day. #
  • That means for all of Wednesday, all the pluming in the house is going to be completely offline. #
  • We're trying to figure out where we should day trip to on Wednesday XD #
  • Sometimes I wish my net worth on Empire Avenue was my actual bank account balance :/ #
  • Dammit Sony – RT @Anime Interest: Sony Makes Cheaper PSP, Lowers PS3's Price to US$249 http://t.co/LsXYJU9 #
  • Oh god. Watch out #EAv Foursquare scores are here :DDDDDDDDDDDDD *evillaughhere* #
  • Now would be a good time for the Nirvash to start getting my location right again. #
  • Oww! It burns it's so hot – RT @TUAW: Get it while it's hot! Mac OS 10.7.1 is now available. http://t.co/LxRFOXe #
  • Cleaning off a ton of apps from Nirvash that I honestly never used. Hello whopping 2GB of space back. #
  • RT @AppStore: Get 360 Panorama by @occipital for free for a limited time. #freeappoffer #appstore http://t.co/4ONvqNu #
  • This time around I'm even making cuts in the iTunes Japan folder. #
  • Alright Google. You win. But only because it's a @Sony phone. Recommending mom get's the Xperia Play for her upgrade. #
  • My reasoning is that a) it's well built, b) Sony's support is decent, c) it IS cheaper than an iPhone, d) already has an iPod and Pad. #
  • Really other than the iPhone, the Play is the only decent phone @Verizon currently has. They really have the worst lineup. #
  • Then again, I guess I am also used to see the extensive and impressive lineup of phones Japan has on all carriers. #
  • Meh. Lineup sucks – $0.99 movie and TV rentals coming to PSN http://t.co/3Ykx2uh via @joystiq #
  • If you haven't taken a listen to Giraffage's music yet, you're missing out: http://t.co/uYhryaO #
  • A new favorite: Polar Bear by Giraffage on #SoundCloud http://t.co/sfKjzsM #
  • WIP – Check out this list I made on foursquare: Must-eat in the Eatontown Area http://t.co/bl4MfS2 #
  • Catching up on Empire Ave investors now. 200 notifications to go. #
  • Due to my backlog, I'm afraid I won't be able to respond to every single shoutout and message I've gotten this time around. Sorry! #
  • I do of course appreciate the continued support all of you have given me. All 231 of you rock! #EAv #
  • To my investors in #EAv If I missed your investment, let me know with a shout please! I have an extensive backlog ^_^; #EAv #
  • In other #EAv news, it looks like I'm about to break 2 million in net worth 😀 #

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